Sunday, April 24, 2016

Peep Diorama Contest Voting

I am very impressed with this year's entries in the Social Psych Peep Diorama Contest. Particularly notable is the diversity of concepts students chose to illustrate with Peeps (or other anthropomorphic candies). We even had a video submission! Well done, everyone!

I believe I've correctly included all of the entries that were sent to me. If yours is missing, please email me ASAP and I'll add it to the form. With submissions coming in on several different platforms, I worry that I might lose track of one, and I'll be happy to update the form to include it if that is the case.

Rules for Voting:

  • Voting will open at Noon on Sunday (4/24) and will close on Tuesday (4/26) at 8 AM.
  • You may only vote once.
  • Voting is only open to Chi-Hi staff and students, so you'll need to log on to your account in order to access the form.
  • You may encourage peers to vote for a particular choice, including those not currently in a psychology course, though current and former psychology students will likely be the most discerning voters. I will be emailing the form to Psych Club members to encourage them to cast votes as well.

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