Thursday, February 28, 2013

Schizophrenia - Videos and Info

Tomorrow in class we'll be discussing what is arguably the most severe psychiatric illness known to clincians: schizophrenia. After discussing key symptoms and subtypes, we'll be viewing this 2005 documentary from the folks at Frontline: The New Asylums. The film depicts the serious challenges faced by correctional facilities, which have over the past several decades been tasked with accommodating the needs of increasing numbers of chronically mentally ill inmates. Many of the inmates shown have schizophrenia or other serious psychiatric conditions.

Those of you who will be absent tomorrow for French camp should follow the links to "watch the full version online." Just so you are aware, as a timing issue, I doubt we'll finish the video in class on Friday. Likely, there will be a portion we will need to finish after the quiz (Ch. 16 & 17) on Monday.

A final word of caution, although there is nothing indecent about the video, you should be aware that the behavior of these patients/inmates reflects the serious symptoms of their illnesses. For some, that includes emotional disturbances that lead them to have poor judgment and impulse control. Many of them curse or engage in disburbing behaviors (the swearing is "bleeped" out, but sometimes imperfectly, and nudity/exposure is "blurred"). So, for example, it may be best not to view the video if you have a very young sibling present who would not understand that behavior or find it alarming.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Personality Unit Study Helps

Update - 7:24 PM 

I hope I've now fixed the problems with the link to Friday's notes. You won't be able to view them in Powerpoint, but I think this should work for those who were requesting them.

As for remaining study tools for this evening, I'd highly recommend checking out this unit's Quizlet to make sure you've got all of the Personality vocabulary nailed down.

Need some more practice multiple choice questions to test out your understanding? Try these.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big Five Inventory

On Wednesday our class discussion will focus primarily on the trait theory of personality. In preparation for that discussion, students will be completing an online personality inventory that relies on one of the more popular trait models out there: the Big Five.

To complete the activity, take the Big Five Personality inventory and record your results using this form. You may also wish to print out your results for your own contemplation, but that is up to you. Bring your completed form with you to class on Wednesday, February 13th.

Have fun!

Note: If you do not wish to complete this inventory for yourself, you may opt to use it to rate someone else (a friend or relative). The site allows you to do that. Simply use the results from that (anonymous) other person when completing the form.