Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Psychology Snow Fort Progress

We had a small, but dedicated work crew turn out for our snow fort building project. I must admit, I was very impressed with our progress. Not only did we complete several tunnels, but we planted a psychology flag and decorated the fort with pro-psychology propaganda. Some videos of our progress below...

After about 30 minutes of digging we had joined three tunnels. This next video is a little dark because our daylight was fading, and I was trying to film in a tunnel.

New Quizlet Links Added!

Just in time for this unit's vocabulary review, links to two new Quizlets (online flashcard sets) have been added to this site. From here on out, they will be accessible through the "Commonly Used Course Links" section on the left-hand side of the blog page.

Here they are:

Quizlet -Learning

Quizlet- Memory

With 99 terms between the two of them, there's plenty to review!

Hope to see you at the review session this evening. Otherwise, best of luck on tomorrow's test!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Study Sessions and Possible Snow Fort Building

As we discussed last week in class, there will be two after-school opportunities for you to review for your upcoming Learning & Memory Unit Test:

Monday, December 13 - Right After School


Tuesday, December 14 - 5:30 PM

However, due to our amazing good fortune of having a massive snow drift right outside the classroom window, from 4:00 to 5:30 on Tuesday we will be meeting to build a masterpiece snow fort outside my classroom window.

This is assuming that the snow does not fall victim to the numerous snow plows and blowers roaming school properties today. Or to envious elementary school students. If our supply is taken, maybe we can find another drift...?

Dress warmly - it's supposed to be super cold tomorrow - and bring your best ideas and supplies for snow fort construction.
Oh...the possibilities!

Winter in AP Psych

Over the weekend a big storm system dumped 22 inches of snow in our area. Returning to the classrooms today we found big snow drifts outside all of the classroom windows, including in AP Psych. What a lovely winter scene to contemplate during these last school days before the holidays!