Sunday, April 22, 2012

Look at All These AP Psych Exam Takers!

We've got quite a crew here at Chi-Hi on a Sunday taking practice AP Psych Exams to test their skills for the national test, now about two weeks away. Great turnout for a sunny Sunday afternoon!

For any students who were not able to make this practice exam administration, see Mrs. Welle ASAP if you'd like to arrange to take one in the next week or so. It is a great exercise for honing your skills and narrowing the focus of your reviewing!

About 20 Chi-Hi Students made it in for today's practice exam. Way to go, guys!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reviewing Psych Disorders and Treatments

As we approach what is probably one of the most difficult unit tests of the year, you're probably looking for ways to consolidate all that information about Psych Disorders and Treatments that we've been learning about this unit. In addition to the multiple choice study guide you received following the reading quiz, you've got a number of tools at your disposal.
One is the Quizlet Vocab Review embedded below. Also, if you'd like some additional multiple choice practice, you might want to check out these online practice questions from . You'll want to select "Psychological Disorders" and/or "Therapies" to test your skills for this unit.

Of course, we also have a study session scheduled for this evening from 5:00 - 7:00 PM, so if you prefer to review in person with classmates, that is an option, too!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Weeks Ahead

As I write this, only 26 days remain until the AP Psychology Exam on May 7th! That means the next three and a half weeks will be extremely busy as we conclude our final curricular units and continue to intensify our reviewing.
No doubt, these last few weeks leading up to the exam will be a challenge for all. We’ve been building to this point all year. The content from our latest unit – on Psychological Disorders and Treatment – will be the most challenging we’ve faced to this point. Students will have to master many new vocabulary words (over one hundred) and apply concepts learned in previous units in order to differentiate between 27 different psych disorders and 9 different treatment approaches. They will have to know names of many common psychiatric drugs and the mechanisms by which they work.

Additionally, students will continue work on their 40-Day Countdown Packets. These comprehensive (but lengthy) review guides, which were distributed in early March, should be worked on DAILY from now until their completion. They are due on May 8th (the day following the exam), and students have been marking their progress on charts in our classroom. While many students have been impressive in their progress to date, others are now finding themselves making up for time lost due to procrastination. Parents might help encourage their students to make steady progress on this assignment, as delaying it only means risking future nights of anxiety, panic, and despair as the exam date approaches.

It will also help to remain alert to a number of upcoming opportunities for review, engagement, and mastery over the next few weeks. These include a chance to take a full-length practice exam, two evening study sessions for our (two) remaining unit tests, and two weekend study opportunities for the AP Exam itself. Here are the “big” calendar items:

·        Thursday, April 12th“Out of the Shadows” Event @ Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire (5:30 PM). Interested students have already registered for this event, which focuses on child and adolescent mental health in the Chippewa Valley.

·        Friday, April 13thPsych Club Team Trivia – Lunch B in rm 136. Get together a group of (no more than 5) fellow psych enthusiasts and test your knowledge of psychological terms, people, and concepts while reviewing for the AP Psych exam. Prizes and glory for the winners…but doesn’t everybody win when we learn? J

·        Monday, April 16thPsych Disorders & Treatment Test Review Session – 5:00 – 7:00 PM in rm 136. One final review with classmates and Mrs. Welle as you prepare for a very challenging unit test!

·        Tuesday, April 17th TEST: Psych Disorders & Treatment

·        Sunday, April 22nd Optional Practice AP Exam - 3:00-5:00 PM in rm 136. Take a full length practice test for the AP Psych Exam. Results (scored before you leave) will help you determine areas of relative strength and weakness (i.e. you will identify which topics need the most review in the final two weeks before the real thing). This also will help calm the nerves of first-time AP test takers (through simulated practice).

·        Tuesday, April 24th LAST Chapter Quiz (Ch. 18); Mandatory Pre-administration Meeting 2nd Hour for all AP Testers. During 2nd hour on this day all students registered for AP exams (in all subject areas) will complete pre-administration procedures for test day in the cafeteria, with the help of Student Services Staff. (Note to my 2nd hour students…we’ll come up with a work-around for your quiz.)

·        Sunday, April 29thOPTIONAL AP EXAM REVIEW SESSION - 5:00 – 8:00 PM in rm 136. Prepare for the AP Psych Exam with the help of Mrs. Welle and your classmates. We’ll be taking suggestions for topic areas to be covered during the week prior.

·        Monday, April 30thSocial Psychology Test Review Session – 5:00 – 7:00 PM in rm 136. Join us for our LAST review session for a unit test! Vocab, flashcards, & practice Free-Responses!

·        Tuesday, May 1st – TEST: Social Psychology

·        Saturday, May 5th = PROM… Have fun, but for goodness sake use good judgment and don’t wear yourself out too much.

·        Sunday, May 6th FINAL (OPTIONAL) AP EXAM REVIEW SESSION AND SIGMUND FREUD’S BIRTHDAY PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA – 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM (or later, as needed). This is it! Your chance to clarify any lingering confusions that you were alerted to during all your prior reviewing endeavors. It will be aimed at achieving confidence, fluency, and mastery of all we’ve learned this year. A time for putting the “final touches” on your understanding so that you can proceed to the exam the following day with cool self-assurance. Since this day is also Sigmund Freud’s birthday, wear your Psych Club shirt and expect cake.
  • Monday, May 7th AP PSYCHOLOGY EXAMINATION @ CVTC Old Notre Dame Middle School (location changed from previous years to accomodate our larger crew)
I told you we’d be busy!

Given how much is on our plates this time of year, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. When you start to feel this way, remember that I am ready and willing to do whatever it takes to help you meet this challenge. My room is open to you during lunch for getting assistance or for just a quiet place to work (and you might see some classmates there). Please take advantage of all the evening and after-school study opportunities you can. It will help calm your nerves and improve your grades.

I’m confident that all of my students have what it takes to finish strong in the coming weeks, but it will take continued discipline and an “eyes on the prize” mentality. Best of luck to everyone as we grit our teeth and roll up our sleeves for this final round!

Then we’ll all have a collective sigh of relief on May 8th. J