Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Activities for Today

Most students will be spending their class time today working on developing Parts II and III of their final projects. If you are one of those lucky individuals who are already finished, here's an option for how to make good use of your time.

1.) Read this article on the therapeutic value of coloring. Then...
2.) Test it out! I have a ton of coloring pages to choose from.
3.) At the close of the hour I'll have you respond to some reflection questions to help you attend to your emotional state.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Final Paper Editing

Today in class we'll be doing some exercises to make sure your final paper (due at 4:00 PM today) is in tip-top shape before you submit it. Here are some resources you will be using:

I'll also remind you how to submit the link to the final version in Canvas. Even though you have already shared with me an in-progress version, I'll need you to submit the link in Canvas so I can use the rubric there to assess the final product!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Senior Psychology Students Recognized

On Thursday, May 25th, two senior AP Psychology students at Chi-Hi received Academic Achievement in Psychology Awards from TOPSS and the APA. Amelia Schlick and Morgan Belshause were both recognized for their outstanding academic performance this year in AP Psychology.


Amelia Schlick and Morgan Belshause at Senior Recognition Assembly
Photo credit: Dan Loomis

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Walking in a Straight Line While Blindfolded is No Easy Task

On Wednesday, we took to the outdoors to test out the curious phenomenon of trying to navigate while blindfolded. Much like the research predicted, very few students followed a straight path once they left our predetermined starting point.

Students worked in partners so the blindfolded "subject" was monitored by a spotter (to prevent people from walking into traffic or trees). The goal was to get across the field to a gate directly on the other side. As the video below shows, this proved to be difficult. Most students quickly began to drift from the straight line they believed they were walking, and few got anywhere near the target area.

Apparently, this phenomenon has been puzzling researchers for some time, but it does explain why people so easily get lost in the woods (when all the visual cues appear the same) or in fog. For more on how this has been studied in the past see the video below.

Monday, May 22, 2017

End-of-Course Survey

Greetings, AP Psych students!

As we approach the end of the year, I'd like you to take a moment to complete this End-of-Course Survey for me. Your responses to this survey will remain completely anonymous, and I use them (along with performance data on the AP Exam and unit tests) to make decisions about course activities and instructional strategies.

You will need to be logged in to your account in order to submit responses.

Thanks for your help!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Instructor Evaluation Link

Happy Friday!

Today we'll continue work on our Final Projects, but before you begin I hope you'll take a few minutes to complete this Instructor Evaluation to provide me with feedback about my performance this year.

Responses are completely anonymous and will not be reviewed until after course grades have been determined. I do take your feedback seriously and use it to determine what I need to continue (and what I need to change) in the years ahead. So, sincerity is appreciated!


Mrs. Welle

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Getting Started on Your Paper

Now that you have had some practice with citing sources in APA style and locating scholarly articles, it's time to get started on that paper!

Here are some things to help you with the process:

  1. APA Paper Template - Make a copy of this and use it as the basis for your paper
  2. Form for Submitting in-progress link

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Links for Today

Today in class we'll be looking at some more examples of scholarly articles and practicing citing them in APA style.

As a warm-up, you are invited to participate in this survey, which is related to one of the articles we will be discussing. Participation, is (of course) voluntary, and your responses will remain anonymous.

Here is the link to the PRACTICE ON APA STYLE activity.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Preparing for Online AP Score Access

You took the AP Psych Exam yesterday. Hooray! You spent a LOT of time preparing for that test this year, so you're going to want to find out how you did as soon as possible! Unfortunately for you, AP Scores aren't available until July, so you'll have to practice some patience.

Also, scores are ONLY available online (you won't get a printed score report mailed to you), so you'll need to have a College Board Account in order to access them. Here are the steps you'll need to take to access your scores:

Students need to:
  • Fill in AP answer sheets carefully and consistently during AP testing. Especially important are name, date of birth, sex, mailing address, and email address.
  • Sign up for a College Board account at Students must have an account to access their scores. Some students may already have an account. Confirm this by signing in.
  • Remember your College Board username and password and your 2017 AP number (or student ID number if they provided it on their AP answer sheet).
  • Look for an email at the email address you put on your AP answer sheet reminding you how and when to access your scores.