Learning Objectives

Below you will find links to the learning objectives for each unit. These are lists of things I want you to know by the end of a given unit of study, and they guide the decisions I make about readings, lectures, activities, and assignments. 

While I use them (and refine them) for planning purposes, they can also make effective study tools. Students can use them as checklists for preparing for tests and quizzes. Go through the list for our current unit and see if you can complete each of the items listed. If you don't feel confident about your ability to demonstrate a particular objective, that is a sign that you should review that topic in your notes/textbook or ask a friend/Mrs. Welle for help or clarification.

History & Approaches, Research Methods


Biological Bases of Behavior

Sensation & Perception

States of Consciousness


Developmental Psych

Motivation & Emotion


Intelligence & Testing

Abnormal Psych & Treatment

Social Psych