Thursday, May 28, 2015

Looking Ahead to College: How to Succeed When So Many People Fail

Today in class we'll be taking a break from project work to consider a topic of direct importance to seniors bound for college: how to actually succeed when you get there. Many high school students, for very good reasons, focus a great deal on getting into college. While that is an obvious first step to obtaining a college degree, it is hardly the only (or the last) obstacle they will face. College dropout rates are alarmingly high, so it's worth considering how you might prepare to thrive once you arrive on campus.

Defining the Problem: What Obstacles do First-Year College Students Face? 

Message to My Freshman Students - Huffington Post, May 15, 2015 (If you are having trouble viewing the original post, try reading it within this Google Doc.)

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Wisconsin One of Few States Taking Up Higher Education Cuts, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 28, 2015

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Student Survey: Dreams

A group of my students would like you (AP Psych Students at Chi-Hi) to complete this brief survey about your dreams as a part of their data collection for their final project.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

End-of-Course Survey 2015

This year I made used of several new types of resources and materials. Completing this survey will help me determine what I might update/change for next year. Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Instructor Evaluation Link

Hi everyone!

Today in class you'll be given time to complete this Instructor Evaluation to help me get feedback and improve as an AP Psychology teacher.

You will need to be signed in to your Chippewa Falls Google Account to access the form, but your individual login information will not be recorded, as your responses will remain anonymous.

Thanks for your help!

Work Time Planning
When you are finished, with your team, make a copy and complete this form and share it with Mrs. Welle (or print), indicating your needs for work time during our last week of class.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

APA Style Guide & Project Description

For the written portion of your final project, you'll want to adhere to APA Style when creating citations and your reference list. This may be a new format for some of you, so this style guide should be very helpful.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Generating Final Project Ideas

Now that the AP Psych exam is over and the dust has settled, it's time to start thinking about your final project. You'll have time to explore topic ideas, but the sooner you can get settled on an idea, the better.

This project is left fairly open-ended for a reason: I want you to be creative in your content, application, and presentation. You've got a chance to have fun with a topic you are REALLY interested in, so pick something COOL!

If you're really struggling for ideas, some possible sources of inspiration:

Saturday, May 2, 2015

AP Exam - Last Minute Reminders

This Monday, you'll be taking the AP Psych Exam. Here's what Chippewa Falls AP Psych students need to know:
  • The exam begins at 12:00 at the National Guard Armory. (See Map below) Arrive a few minutes early, if possible, to locate your testing room, as there will likely be more than one testing room for this exam. (NOTE: Not all AP subject exams will be at this location. If you are taking a different subject AP exam later in the week, be sure you know where to go for that).
  • You will be automatically excused from 4th - 7th hours (release @ 11:12 AM) for testing. If you wish to use the morning hours to prepare at home, your parents will need to call you in to excuse you from hours 1-3.
  • Since there will be little time between the end of your 3rd hour class and the exam start, consider packing a LIGHT lunch to eat on the way/before the exam begins. However, you can't bring food into the exam rooms. You may pack a snack in your backpack, though. Like maybe your juicebox robot? 
  • You need to provide your own transportation to the test site. Arrange carpools ahead of time, if necessary. Don't wait until the last minute!
  • Be sure to practice a solid pre-test regimen: get plenty of sleep the night before, eat healthful meals, and of course, review your course materials!
  1. A couple of #2 pencils (for the MC part).
  2. A couple of pens (blue or black) for the F-R part. Be sure to have a couple in case one runs out of ink!
  3. A watch (that does not beep!), in case you are seated in a place where the clock is not easy to see.
  4. A sweatshirt? It's ideal to dress in layers so you can adjust if you're too hot/cold.
  1. Cellular phones, beepers, MP3 players, or personal data assistants (PDAs)
  2. Books, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, or notes
  3. Scratch paper (notes can be made on portions of the exam booklets)
  4. Calculators
  5. Watches that beep or have an alarm
  6. Portable listening or recording devices (even with headphones) or photographic equipment
  7. Clothing with psych-related information on it (e.g. sorry, even Psych Club shirts are a no-no)
  8. Food or drinks
Good luck, everyone! You can do it!

Map to testing site: