Sunday, February 23, 2014

Studying for Your Motivation & Emotion Test

It's hard to believe it's already time for your unit test on Motivation & Emotion, and that feeling of disbelief is no doubt magnified by the fact that we've had such a disrupted school calendar as of late (Thanks, winter weather!). But Tuesday will be here quite soon.

We will be using Monday's class period to do some reviewing, something I typically don't devote much class time to, since I feel my students should be learning how to do their reviewing and studying outside of class in preparation for college-level work. However, given that you've been forced into learning a good chunk of this unit's content via the Internet because of our snow days, I really do feel a review day is in order.

As planned, I'll also be hosting a scheduled review session this evening (Sunday) from 5-7 PM, and I'll be available after school on Monday from 4 -6 PM to answer any questions you might have.

As always, there are online review tools at your disposal in order to aid your review, including:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow Day Stuff To Do

Hi all.

Once again, I'm sorry we couldn't be together in person today. Though, I'm a little glad I'll be able to go back to bed soon, because I stayed up late prepping for several possible contingencies for today (as you'll see in the video)...and now I'm REALLY tired.

To keep on track, you'll need to do some things for me today (or over the weekend). These include:
  1. Completing this Emotions Tour Worksheet. I will be collecting this/assigning points for a completion grade on Monday in order to incentivize your efforts to stay caught up. Try to complete it first, using your text, before viewing the show.
  2. View the the video notes/presentation (embedded below). During the presentation I will walk you through possible responses to many of the questions on the worksheet. You'll notice that during the video I reference possible "in-class" activities...this is because when I was recording I had no idea if you would be working with me, or a sub, or working totally online today. I was trying to prepare for any possible outcome, and I apologize for the clunky-ness.
  3. Of course, if you are not yet finished with your Emotion Theory Poster Project, you'll want to wrap that up, as I will collect it on Monday.
  4. Optional: You may wish to access the slides for today's notes, which I've included here for your convenience.
  5. Optional: Bored? Why not watch this TED Talk on Happiness Research? Great overview of current research on happiness. And who doesn't like happiness?
ABOUT YOUR UNIT TEST: I have decided that I cannot, in clear conscience, proceed with your unit test on Monday, even though pushing it back a day is rather problematic for our next unit. I've now missed seeing my 6th and 7th hour classes for two days in a row, and although I do expect you to keep up with your online make-up work, some review will probably be necessary on Monday and you need the opportunity to ask questions about the material.
  • Study Session = As planned, will happen Sunday from 5-7 PM. I can't get the rescheduling in place to switch this to Monday, but I will also be available after school on Monday for help if you need it, too.
  • Monday class = We will review in class & you'll have a chance to ask questions about any content you viewed online for class.
  • Test: Emotion & Motivation Unit = Tuesday. Normal format (no notes).
Materials You Need
Notes/Presentation from 2/21/14


To Brighten Your Day...

Daniel Gilbert: The Surprising Science of Happiness

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Make-Up Tasks for 6th & 7th Hour

Gaaaaaaaaahhhh. I'm really sorry that we couldn't be together this afternoon. But, given that you're now homebound for the evening, you should have time to keep up with AP Psych notes AND finish your Emotion Theory Poster Project for tomorrow...assuming we have classes tomorrow.

Here's what you need to do to stay up to speed in AP Psych:
  1. View today's notes/presentation on the connection between emotion and health. The show is embedded below, and also can be accessed here. There are a number of links that you will be cued to access during the show, and I've posted them below for your convenience.
  2. Also for your convenience, I've linked the slide presentation without narration so you can click through it at your own pace, as well. Please note that I only take students through Slide 23 during today's notes (the rest we will address on Friday, hopefully, and the rest of that stuff will likely be revised this evening).
  3. Finish your Emotion Theory Poster project. This will be due tomorrow (Friday), again, assuming we have classes.
Note: I have been asked by several people whether I will be collecting the Chapter 14 Reading Questions, since that was originally designed as an out-of-class assignment in case of a snow day. Since my morning classes did get this info directly, AND because I think it would be unfair to collect it for a grade for some classes and not others, I will not be collecting your responses for a grade. Since I recorded this video last night (when I didn't know if we would have classes at all), that is not clear in the video, and I apologize for the confusion. HOWEVER, the questions should be helpful in your studying for Monday's Motivation & Emotion test, since you could be asked about these things on the exam. Watching today's presentation should provide you with answers to these questions.

Today's Presentation



Monday, February 17, 2014

5 Things to Do on Snow Day #5

Hi all! The snow may mean that we can't be together in person today, but that's not going to stop us from keeping on top of our studies in AP Psych! I've posted everything you need to do RIGHT HERE. All together, these activities should take you about one full class period (50 minutes) to complete. This way, when we come back tomorrow, you won't have missed a beat. And, to give you additional incentive to spend an hour of your snow day not sleeping, you'll be earning points for completing the 5-question Socrative follow-up at the end.

You can access the media you need by following these links, and I will also attempt to embed them at the end of this post. Sometimes what plug-ins you have on your home computer can make a difference with viewing, so if one doesn't work, try the other.
  1. Gather your notes (if you have them) and the handout you got on Friday. It is entitled "Handout 12-15: Needs Assessment Questionnaire." You will want these next to you as you view today's notes online. Use the link provided to view/print the handout if you need (note: you do not have to turn this in; it is merely to demonstrate a concept described in the notes, and scoring guidelines for it will be provided.
  2. Watch the video notes presentation on Industrial Organizational Psych, and add this info to your notes. This is a 35 minute show: about the amount of time we would have spent on this in class. However, the nice thing about a video presentation is that you can pause it and go back if you need, so feel free to take your time. If you later want to view the slides separately (or want to simultaneously view them on a separate screen) they are available without narration here
  3. Watch the RSA Animate Video "Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us." The YouTube link is also embedded in the slides, if you have trouble viewing it here. Would normally just show this as part of notes, but I figured the quality would degrade if I tried to record a showing using my presentation software.
  4. Watch the video clip on the leadership of Michael Scott. This is also embedded in the slides. As you watch, see if you can identify what type of leadership style he uses. You will be asked about this on the Socrative Quiz.
  5. Last, and MOST IMPORTANT...after you have complete ALL of the above, log in to Socrative (or use the Student App on your phone) using room #109495, and complete the five questions on today's material. Be sure to include your REAL name so I can give you credit for completing these.
Media Resources for Today

Video Notes

Slide Show - Motivation (All Notes from Ch. 12) 
Note: what you need for today will be at the end of these.

RSA Animate Video on Dan Pink's Lecture: "Drive: the Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us"

Application Exercise: Michael Scott

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

AP Night Fame

Last night we had a great turnout for AP Night, despite the rescheduling and the multiple competing events going on in the building. We also made the news. WEAU TV13 was there to interview folks and get footage of the events (as well as, apparently, random footage of materials from my classroom?). You'll see some (now-famous) AP Psych students interviewed and photographed, an interview with APUSH and AP Govt teacher Mark Isaacson, and lots of B-roll of me talking to people.

I tried to embed the video, but it seems not to be working properly, so instead, click here for the story. :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Hunger & the Fat Rat PsychSim

To complete the PsychSim for this weekend, you'll want to fill out this worksheet as you complete the Hunger and the Fat Rat module. Have fun stimulating and lesioning fake rat brains!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Resources for Intelligence & Testing Review

Your unit test on Intelligence & Testing is coming up quickly, no thanks to several weather-related school cancellations. Because of the strange circumstances of this unit (its short duration and "rushed" feel), I'm making some changes to the resources I typically make available prior to the test AND to the format of the test itself.

First, embedded below you will find the slide show for this unit's notes. I tend to not post these publicly most of the time for reasons too complicated to describe here, but since this unit is a little "weird" and required a lot of work outside of class, it seems to make sense to post these to make sure everyone "got" what they needed from our limited time together in class.

Second, as we will discuss in class tomorrow, you will be able to use some additional resources while taking the test. Much like our in-class quizzes, you will be allowed to use any handwritten notes taken from the textbook reading or from class lectures. However, no printed handouts, textbooks, etc., will be permitted. Thus, as you prepare for this particular test, you'll want to make sure you have mastered the content (like usual), but you will also want to make sure your notes are organized and aid in your comprehension of the material. The test will be of the same length and format (MC + 1 FRQ) as normal, and like normal you will be expected to complete it within a single class period.

As you embark on your review, you might also find these links helpful:

Of course, mastery of vocabulary, as always, is a must. Use of the Quizlet set below may help with this process, but remember that you will be asked to apply (not just recall) these definitions, so be ready to put them to use.