Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow Day Stuff To Do

Hi all.

Once again, I'm sorry we couldn't be together in person today. Though, I'm a little glad I'll be able to go back to bed soon, because I stayed up late prepping for several possible contingencies for today (as you'll see in the video)...and now I'm REALLY tired.

To keep on track, you'll need to do some things for me today (or over the weekend). These include:
  1. Completing this Emotions Tour Worksheet. I will be collecting this/assigning points for a completion grade on Monday in order to incentivize your efforts to stay caught up. Try to complete it first, using your text, before viewing the show.
  2. View the the video notes/presentation (embedded below). During the presentation I will walk you through possible responses to many of the questions on the worksheet. You'll notice that during the video I reference possible "in-class" activities...this is because when I was recording I had no idea if you would be working with me, or a sub, or working totally online today. I was trying to prepare for any possible outcome, and I apologize for the clunky-ness.
  3. Of course, if you are not yet finished with your Emotion Theory Poster Project, you'll want to wrap that up, as I will collect it on Monday.
  4. Optional: You may wish to access the slides for today's notes, which I've included here for your convenience.
  5. Optional: Bored? Why not watch this TED Talk on Happiness Research? Great overview of current research on happiness. And who doesn't like happiness?
ABOUT YOUR UNIT TEST: I have decided that I cannot, in clear conscience, proceed with your unit test on Monday, even though pushing it back a day is rather problematic for our next unit. I've now missed seeing my 6th and 7th hour classes for two days in a row, and although I do expect you to keep up with your online make-up work, some review will probably be necessary on Monday and you need the opportunity to ask questions about the material.
  • Study Session = As planned, will happen Sunday from 5-7 PM. I can't get the rescheduling in place to switch this to Monday, but I will also be available after school on Monday for help if you need it, too.
  • Monday class = We will review in class & you'll have a chance to ask questions about any content you viewed online for class.
  • Test: Emotion & Motivation Unit = Tuesday. Normal format (no notes).
Materials You Need
Notes/Presentation from 2/21/14


To Brighten Your Day...

Daniel Gilbert: The Surprising Science of Happiness

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