Monday, February 17, 2014

5 Things to Do on Snow Day #5

Hi all! The snow may mean that we can't be together in person today, but that's not going to stop us from keeping on top of our studies in AP Psych! I've posted everything you need to do RIGHT HERE. All together, these activities should take you about one full class period (50 minutes) to complete. This way, when we come back tomorrow, you won't have missed a beat. And, to give you additional incentive to spend an hour of your snow day not sleeping, you'll be earning points for completing the 5-question Socrative follow-up at the end.

You can access the media you need by following these links, and I will also attempt to embed them at the end of this post. Sometimes what plug-ins you have on your home computer can make a difference with viewing, so if one doesn't work, try the other.
  1. Gather your notes (if you have them) and the handout you got on Friday. It is entitled "Handout 12-15: Needs Assessment Questionnaire." You will want these next to you as you view today's notes online. Use the link provided to view/print the handout if you need (note: you do not have to turn this in; it is merely to demonstrate a concept described in the notes, and scoring guidelines for it will be provided.
  2. Watch the video notes presentation on Industrial Organizational Psych, and add this info to your notes. This is a 35 minute show: about the amount of time we would have spent on this in class. However, the nice thing about a video presentation is that you can pause it and go back if you need, so feel free to take your time. If you later want to view the slides separately (or want to simultaneously view them on a separate screen) they are available without narration here
  3. Watch the RSA Animate Video "Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us." The YouTube link is also embedded in the slides, if you have trouble viewing it here. Would normally just show this as part of notes, but I figured the quality would degrade if I tried to record a showing using my presentation software.
  4. Watch the video clip on the leadership of Michael Scott. This is also embedded in the slides. As you watch, see if you can identify what type of leadership style he uses. You will be asked about this on the Socrative Quiz.
  5. Last, and MOST IMPORTANT...after you have complete ALL of the above, log in to Socrative (or use the Student App on your phone) using room #109495, and complete the five questions on today's material. Be sure to include your REAL name so I can give you credit for completing these.
Media Resources for Today

Video Notes

Slide Show - Motivation (All Notes from Ch. 12) 
Note: what you need for today will be at the end of these.

RSA Animate Video on Dan Pink's Lecture: "Drive: the Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us"

Application Exercise: Michael Scott

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