Sunday, February 2, 2014

Resources for Intelligence & Testing Review

Your unit test on Intelligence & Testing is coming up quickly, no thanks to several weather-related school cancellations. Because of the strange circumstances of this unit (its short duration and "rushed" feel), I'm making some changes to the resources I typically make available prior to the test AND to the format of the test itself.

First, embedded below you will find the slide show for this unit's notes. I tend to not post these publicly most of the time for reasons too complicated to describe here, but since this unit is a little "weird" and required a lot of work outside of class, it seems to make sense to post these to make sure everyone "got" what they needed from our limited time together in class.

Second, as we will discuss in class tomorrow, you will be able to use some additional resources while taking the test. Much like our in-class quizzes, you will be allowed to use any handwritten notes taken from the textbook reading or from class lectures. However, no printed handouts, textbooks, etc., will be permitted. Thus, as you prepare for this particular test, you'll want to make sure you have mastered the content (like usual), but you will also want to make sure your notes are organized and aid in your comprehension of the material. The test will be of the same length and format (MC + 1 FRQ) as normal, and like normal you will be expected to complete it within a single class period.

As you embark on your review, you might also find these links helpful:

Of course, mastery of vocabulary, as always, is a must. Use of the Quizlet set below may help with this process, but remember that you will be asked to apply (not just recall) these definitions, so be ready to put them to use.

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