Thursday, February 20, 2014

Make-Up Tasks for 6th & 7th Hour

Gaaaaaaaaahhhh. I'm really sorry that we couldn't be together this afternoon. But, given that you're now homebound for the evening, you should have time to keep up with AP Psych notes AND finish your Emotion Theory Poster Project for tomorrow...assuming we have classes tomorrow.

Here's what you need to do to stay up to speed in AP Psych:
  1. View today's notes/presentation on the connection between emotion and health. The show is embedded below, and also can be accessed here. There are a number of links that you will be cued to access during the show, and I've posted them below for your convenience.
  2. Also for your convenience, I've linked the slide presentation without narration so you can click through it at your own pace, as well. Please note that I only take students through Slide 23 during today's notes (the rest we will address on Friday, hopefully, and the rest of that stuff will likely be revised this evening).
  3. Finish your Emotion Theory Poster project. This will be due tomorrow (Friday), again, assuming we have classes.
Note: I have been asked by several people whether I will be collecting the Chapter 14 Reading Questions, since that was originally designed as an out-of-class assignment in case of a snow day. Since my morning classes did get this info directly, AND because I think it would be unfair to collect it for a grade for some classes and not others, I will not be collecting your responses for a grade. Since I recorded this video last night (when I didn't know if we would have classes at all), that is not clear in the video, and I apologize for the confusion. HOWEVER, the questions should be helpful in your studying for Monday's Motivation & Emotion test, since you could be asked about these things on the exam. Watching today's presentation should provide you with answers to these questions.

Today's Presentation



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