Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Eye Witness Testimony: How Reliable Is It?

For today's activities, you'll be completing this worksheet and viewing the two video clips below. Your teacher (either myself or the sub) will lead you in a discussion about what you learned.

To become familiar with the research on human memory, we will be viewing, in two parts, a video that shows how basic memory concepts apply to eye-witness testimony. The video we are about to watch details the way in which memory impacted the outcome of a criminal investigation of a rape. While it is not graphic, and you are only provided enough details about the crime itself to understand its relation to cognitive science, this can be an emotionally evocative topic for some. If you would prefer to instead use your Chromebook and headphones to the alternate video posted below (a TED Talk by the same cognitive psychologist profiled in the video shown in class). That talk still mentions crimes, including rape cases, but is more academic and less personal.

Clip #1

Clip #2

Alternate Video Option:

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Winner, Winner!

What can I say? The people love Freud. Today's vote on t-shirt designs gave Mr. Freud a clear victory over his competition.

If you'd like to be the proud owner of this year's Freud-friendly Psych Club t-shirt, sign up in rm 136 and pay your $12 to Mrs. Welle by September 26.

(Note: if paying by check, please make the check to Chippewa Falls Senior HS)

Psych Club Meeting & T-Shirt Voting

Today Psych Club will be kicking off the 2017-18 School Year at our opening meeting during Lunch B! We've got some important agenda items to take care of, but I'm posting this information here for the benefit of those who cannot make it (due to competing clubs or Living Leadership duties).

See Agenda document for information about future meeting times.

Note: You need to be signed in to your account to view and vote!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Practice: Correlation Coefficients and Scatterplots

Today in class we'll also be practicing interpreting scatterplots.

Use this link to Guess the Correlation

Psych Club Meeting: Tuesday, Sept 12!

Now that our schedules have solidified a bit, it's time to get Psych Club back together!

Our kick-off meeting will be held during Lunch B on Tuesday, September 12 in rm 136.

We've got a number of potential projects/activities to discuss for the year, including:

Also, there will be CANDY. 


T-shirt Designs (so far...send me others if you have them!)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


In class on Thursday (A-Day) or Friday (B-Day) we will begin to explore the various research methods used in modern psychological science, including surveys.

When prompted by your instructor, please take a moment to complete the survey below. Your responses will remain anonymous and participation is voluntary.

NOTE: Because responses are limited to CFHS students, you must be signed in to your Google account to access the form. If you are having trouble accessing the form, try using this link.