Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Congrats and Thanks

[I sent out this message via Infinite Campus to 2017-18 AP Psych students today, but am posting it here for the benefit of those who no longer have access to their school email/IC accounts.]

Greetings, 2017-18 AP Psych Students and Parents!

It is a bittersweet exercise to send out the last message to this mailing list. While I am happy to report some fantastic news about outcomes from our 2017-18 crop of AP Psych students, this may be the last time many of you receive any communication from me, and that comes with a pang of nostalgia (for me, anyway).

So, first, the good news. Well, GREAT news. AP Score reports for students became available (at last week, so I hope you all have had an opportunity to check your results. I've waited until today to send out this message because I didn't want to spoil the joy you may feel when checking your own score, because as a group we've got a LOT to be joyful about.

As I look at my Instructional Planning Report today, here the big victories that spring to mind:
  1. 91 Chi-Hi students took the AP Psych exam this year and all 91 of them passedTo my knowledge, that's the first time we've achieved this impressive feat. While we've had higher exam volume in previous years (and thus, higher total numbers of passing students), a 100% pass rate is pretty remarkable, given that the nation-wide pass rate this year was about 65%.
  2. 2017-18 AP Psych students did far more than "just" pass this test. Scores of 3 or higher on AP exams are always to be celebrated, since they indicate mastery of course material on par with college-level performance. Yet, the bulk of our scores fell in the 4 and 5 range, indicating our students knew the material well. As a group, our average score on the AP Psych exam was 4.473, an impressive achievement.

The graph in the image linked below illustrates what I mean. In it, the green bars represent score percentages for all AP Psych students globally, while the blue bars represent Chi-Hi AP Psych students. 

So, as you celebrate your impressive achievements, remember what your score reflects. It reflects a LOT of hard work over the past year: doing reading modules and quizzes when you were tired and could have chosen otherwise, going to countless study sessions and practice exams (sometimes during snow storms), developing your study skills, and not giving up even when things weren't easy. And, you did this DESPITE a lot of obstacles, including substantially reduced instructional time and multiple snow days. Some of you were reluctant to even sign up for this exam because you worried that you might not pass, but I hope you now appreciate that it was worth the shot! In addition to some college credit, you've earned a heck of a lot of knowledge about psychology that I hope you'll put to good use in your future academics, your career, and your relationships.

So, with that accomplishment in mind, it's time for me to turn my attention to preparing for the arrival of a new crop of AP Psych students. I'll be at school for the next couple of weeks developing next year's pacing guide and planning out a curriculum that (hopefully) will bring success for 2018-19 students. This means, later today, I'll be purging my Remind list from last year. If you wish to contact me from this point forward, email will be your best choice (

Congratulations on your accomplishments, and best wishes as you continue your journey.


Mrs. Welle

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Summer Textbook Pick-Up for AP Psych

Greetings, 2018-19 AP Psych Students!

I know you are probably in the midst of enjoying a beautiful summer, and the fall may be (understandably) far from your mind, but the beginning of AP Psychology will be here before we know it!

AP Psychology students do not have a “summer assignment” like some other AP courses, but we do have early textbook pick-up in August. At that time, you’ll get your AP Psych textbook, course materials, and directions for your first reading assignment. You also get to meet me in person, and start talking about the great adventure that is AP Psych!

This year, I was able to schedule textbook pick-up dates and times concurrently with registration week at the high school. I’m hoping this will be convenient for students and their families, since you’ll probably be making a trip to the high school that week anyway. I’ll be meeting students and handing out textbooks in rm 136 (my classroom) during the following times:

Monday, August 20th; 9 AM - 5 PM
Tuesday, August 21st; 5 PM - 7 PM*
Wednesday, August 22nd; 9 AM - 5 PM
Thursday, August 23rd; 9 AM - 5 PM
Friday, August 24th; 9 AM - Noon

*Please note the limited hours on Tuesday (8/21). I will be attending the Chippewa Valley Youth Mental Health Summit that day, so I'm only available in the evening.

If, for whatever reason, you will not be available to come in during those times, please feel free to contact me via email to arrange some other time to meet.

Have a great summer, and see you soon!

Mrs. Welle

Thursday, June 28, 2018

2018 AP Psych Exam Data

Waiting for your AP Exam Score to be ready is an exercise in patience. You worked hard for a whole year and it's hard to endure two months of waiting for results. While Wisconsin students will still have to wait until July 6th to see their individual results, some information just out today might help hold you over until then.

Trevor Packer, head of Advanced Placement programs for the College Board, tweeted out aggregate results from all AP Psych test takers today. This annual ritual is always a good sign that score reports will soon be out!

Note: The info below concerns all AP Psych Examinees worldwide, not Chi-Hi students specifically.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Submit Link for Progress Monitoring

Hi all,

As we head into our final week of work time on your Final Projects, I'll be checking in on the progress teams are making on their final papers and providing feedback.

Please submit the (shared) link to your Research Paper using this form so I can access it easily.


Mrs. Welle

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

End-of-Course Survey

Today, I'm hoping you'll take the time to provide me with some feedback about study tools and strategies you used throughout the course. I use this information to develop and refine the supports I provide for students, so your honest responses are appreciated!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

2018 Instructor Evaluation

Today in class you will be asked to complete an evaluation of your instructor. If you are willing, please take a moment to respond, as I use this feedback to help improve my practice.

Your responses will remain anonymous, and I do not review student submissions until after final grades have been posted.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Psych Meme Voting

After reviewing the Psych Memes in the Google Drive Folder, use this form to vote for your top three choices!