Friday, September 13, 2019

Practice with Correlation Coefficients

Today in class we'll be learning about correlation coefficients, the statistic used to represent relationships uncovered in correlational studies. You will have an opportunity to practice matching scatterplots to their correlation coefficients using this website.

If you would like another opportunity to visualize relationships between correlation coefficients and their scatterplots, this visualizer tool may be helpful!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Today in class we will be discussing various descriptive methods, including surveys. Please take a moment to respond to this brief survey so we can use the data in class later.

NOTE: You may have trouble accessing the survey if you are not logged into your gmail account. Because I wish to limit responses to only my students, you will not be able to participate unless using your school-issued gmail account. Sorry!

Monday, September 9, 2019

E-Text Access for your Textbook

If you would like to set up electronic access for your textbook, follow these steps to get started.
Bookmark the page to make it easy to return to (although note that the URL will look different due to security measures).
To Enroll:
Select "I have a student access code", enter the code exactly as it appears on the card, and click Submit.
Finally, record your user information on the back side of the card. This is important because it allows me to determine how many times the access code has been used, and this is the only way I can help you retrieve your password.
That should do it! You may also wish to record your username & password on a Google Doc or somewhere else you can access it if you needed it.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Textbook Pick-Up Hours for AP Psych

Greetings, 2019-20 AP Psych Students!

I know you are probably in the midst of enjoying a beautiful summer, and the fall may be (understandably) far from your mind, but the beginning of AP Psychology will be here before we know it!

AP Psychology students do not have a “summer assignment” like some other AP courses, but we do have early textbook pick-up in August. At that time, you’ll get your AP Psych textbook, course materials, and directions for your first reading assignment. You also get to meet me in person, and start talking about the great adventure that is AP Psych!

This year, I was able to schedule textbook pick-up dates and times concurrently with registration week at the high school. I’m hoping this will be convenient for students and their families, since you’ll probably be making a trip to the high school that week anyway. I’ll be meeting students and handing out textbooks in rm 136 (my classroom) during the following times:

Monday, August 19th; 10 AM - 7 PM
Tuesday, August 20th; 10 AM - 7 PM
Wednesday, August 21st; 9 AM - Noon

Please note that, due to ongoing construction in the building, it will be easiest to enter via the staff lot entrance (Door #1 on Terrill St). My room is just down the hall from there!

Have a great summer, and see you soon!

Mrs. Welle

Thursday, May 30, 2019

End of Year Instructor and Course Evaluations

Greetings, students!

Please take the time to give me feedback that will help me make plans for next year. The responses that students generate for these surveys do help me figure out what is working and what can be improved in future iterations of this course.

There are two DIFFERENT evaluations I'd like you to complete. The first concerns the course itself, while the other concerns my instructional approaches specifically. Please take the time to complete BOTH, and there is no rush. Mr. Isaacson will give you plenty of time to complete these.

Course Evaluation

Instructor Evaluation

Monday, May 27, 2019

End-Of-Year Party Sign-Ups

Hi all! During class last week we created documents where everyone was able to sign up to bring various supplies or snacks for this week's parties. These were shared with you, so you should find a link in your inbox, but you can also access your hour's supply list here:

Tuesday's Lists (5/28)

Period 2B

Period 3B

Period 4B

Wednesday's Lists (5/29)

Period 2A

Period 3A

Period 4A