Thursday, April 21, 2016

Exploring the Social and Cognitive Roots of Prejudice


So, I think I overdid it yesterday by staying late to finish scoring practice tests. Still sick. Still no voice. Blergh. So I'm staying home to (hopefully) recover and also to stop spreading disease, which means the Internet will be teaching you today. My apologies to those of you who want to see your Practice Exam results...they are with me here at my house. I will be sure to show you them on Friday. (Thanks for your patience.)

Be nice to your sub. Odds are, given the sub shortages, it may be someone who is just filling in for a single class period, so they know as much about what is happening in class today as you do right now.


1. Watch the Crash Course Video Below on Prejudice and Discrimination

2. Once you have viewed the video, find a PARTNER to work with. 

It could be your table buddy, or maybe someone else? You are certainly welcome to make a new friend. :) Regardless, you need to find someone to work with because we don't have enough plastic animals for people to work independently...and groups tend to produce Social Loafing, so...yeah.

3. Get a bunch of those plastic figurines we've been working with. The more diverse, the better.

I'm not there right now, and I'm pretty sure those were left on one of the tables near the front of the room, but I don't know for sure. Either way, be resourceful and find them. Remember, SHARING IS CARING, so don't hoard the toys and leave every other group with nothing.

4. With your partner, complete the activity found here

You can use your text as a reference if you need (including the extras in the room). Be sure to share this document with me before the end of the hour.

5. IF YOU HAVE TIME REMAINING, you may choose to complete one of the Implicit Association Tests discussed in the video.

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