Saturday, April 9, 2016

AP Exam Review: There's An App for That

Looking for a user-friendly, mobile solution for your AP Exam Review? Spending a lot of time on the bus or waiting out rain delays in spring athletics?

You might appreciate the iScore5 App for AP Psychology.

Available for iPhone and Android, the app features game-based review and costs $4.99 to download.

Users progress through 5 different Levels, starting with basic vocabulary and proceeding to more difficult questions. 800 different AP Psychology terms are included, and questions are sorted by topic area.

Overall, this is a very comprehensive review tool. If you can complete all 5 levels I'd anticipate an amazing test performance on the actual exam come May 2!

Full disclosure: I was one of the question contributors for this app. However, my paid work for the developers is complete, so I'm not promoting this as part of some money-making scheme. I don't get paid anything if you purchase it. 

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