Monday, February 8, 2016

Study Resources for your Developmental Psychology Test

Your first test of 3rd quarter is just around the corner, so you'll want to review carefully to start the semester strong! The resources posted here should help with your review, as should the MC study guide you received after last week's quiz.
  • Quizlet flashcards will help you review vocabulary.
  • Review your Unit Learning Objectives. If you are not ready to do each of these things, you're not ready for your test!
  • If you finish the MC Study Guide and need additional practice, try these questions:
  • If confused about certain course topics, or if you have been absent, consult the Slide Shows below. 
  • For additional explanation, you might wish to view these Crash Course videos (note: these move pretty quickly and should be supplemented with retrieval practice for best outcomes).
  • Study Session Resources: (I will post more as I finish building them...perhaps finalizing the slides after Tuesday's study session)

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