Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snow Day Assignment - Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Greetings, AP Psych students!

Given the weather predictions for today, it turns out we'll not see each other in class. But, we also can't afford to fall behind in our studies, so you've got a (brief) assignment to do for AP Psych today.

  1. Use your text (print or online*) to complete this worksheet on Nature-Nurture issues in Development. If you have access to a printer, you may print your own and fill it out, OR you can make a copy of the file and complete it in Google Docs. You will earn points for completion. Note: Make a note of any questions you have about these topics. I will set aside time for answering questions, but (because of our lost class time) I will not be lecturing on this material. However, we still need to know it for tests/quizzes.
Optional: Other Good Stuff to Do:
  1. If you haven't completed your AP Exam Registration Form, today would be a good day to fill it out and get payment ready.
  2. Your Reading Quiz on Unit IX will still be on Thursday, so today would be an excellent day to finish up that reading!
  3. You can certainly preview (and begin, if you like) working on your Development Project, which is a letter to your hypothetical future child. I was planning on introducing this in class today, but now that may have to wait until Thursday. This is not due until February 15th, but perhaps you want to start thinking about it and organizing your ideas.
*Panicking because you can't remember your login information for the etext? Follow the link, click "log in" and then request to have your password emailed to you.

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