Monday, February 29, 2016

Examples & Tips for Your Personality Unit Project

Hi all!

With the deadline for your Personality Unit project approaching on Thursday, I know a lot of you will be turning your attention to that task over the next couple of days. I'm expected to field a lot of questions about this project, and that's fine. But, I thought I'd post some examples of how previous students have handled these projects so you have some ideas about how to begin your own.

Note: NEITHER of these examples is perfect, but they should give you an idea about how you might proceed with your own project.

Example: Option 1 (Note: This is a former student's project, shared with permission. I've added some comments so you can see how the person's work is using elements of strong argumentative writing while meeting the requirements of the project.)

Example: Option 2 (Also the work of a former student, edited to fit this year's requirements).

Project Resources
If you need them one more time, here are the project directions and scoring criteria:

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