Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Study Tools for your Motivation, Emotion, and Stress Test!

Hi Scholars! It's hard to believe, but your LAST unit test for 1st Semester is nearly upon us. On Thursday, (1/14), you'll be taking your test on Motivation, Emotion, and Stress, so I'm compiling some links/tools here that may be of help as you prepare to finish strong!
  1. First, you may find it VERY helpful to review this unit's Learning Objectives. This is a list of things I would expect you to be able to know and do for the test. Especially since we began this unit before break, AND because there are a lot of different/separate topics we addressed, this is nice checklist to make sure you're not missing anything in your studying.
  2. You also received Study Guide with practice multiple choice questions following last week's quiz. If you've been through those, and feel that more practice/new questions would be helpful, here are some (created by another AP Psych teacher).
  3. Then, there's our good friend, Quizlet. I've embedded the flashcards below. 
  4. Study Session Materials:
    • Practice FRQ (also has confusing term pairs on pg. 2)
    • Slides (will use these to prompt different review activties)
    • (Short) vocabulary review [in part because I need to add to it]. Go to join.quizizz.com and enter game code 76532



Emotion and Stress
Note: Still making some final edits on tomorrow's stuff. But, if you've been gone and want to see notes from an absence, everything up until tomorrow's (1/13) slides is current.

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