Friday, January 8, 2016

Links for Today's Activities

Emotions & Cartoons Demo:

As we continue our exploration of basic emotion theories and research today, we'll be conducting a (somewhat modified) version of a classic experiment. You will be given instructions about how to hold a writing utensil while completing this exercise. Then, while following those instructions, you will use the appropriate form below to rate a series of psychology-themed cartoons/memes.

Pictures from Yesterday's Emotion Exercise
As promised, here is the link to the collection of photos from which I selected the images we used yesterday in class. Feel free to explore on your own time. Caution: several of the images are pretty emotionally evocative. Nothing overly graphic, but be warned that they may cause strong reactions, so you may or may not want to attempt. [Full disclosure: They made me there's that.]

Type A/Type B Inventory

When prompted, you will have the opportunity to complete the inventory below, to learn about how your own personality might align with research conducted by Friedman and Rosenman. 

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