Thursday, January 7, 2016

Emotion Theory Posters

Today in class you will be getting instructions for your Emotion Theory Poster project.

If trying to decide on a particular emotion to profile, this list might be helpful in sparking ideas. HOWEVER, please be aware that items on the list (and things that are best suited to your poster) are words that reflect EMOTIONS, not related physical states.

For example, the emotion "cold" means being distant and lacking display of affection, and this might be a good emotion to explore for your project. However, the physical state of being "cold" (e.g., having a lower than desired body temperature) is NOT an emotion, and will be very difficult to relate to the theories of emotion. Likewise, "spicy" is sometimes used as an emotion word (meaning "playfully flirtatious and provocative"). If you interpret it as a quality of a physical stimulus (e.g., foods that make you thirsty or burn your tongue), you are NOT describing an emotion.

Confused about emotion theories? Made sense in class but now you can't figure out what the difference is between them? This might help:

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