Monday, September 8, 2014

So Many Psychologists!

For the benefit of those who were gone today (and those who didn't have a chance to finish the activity), I'm posting the links to the documents we used in class today to explore career subfields in psychology.

This worksheet was used to record 1.) the career subfield students identified for each psychologist profile, as well as 2.) whether that is considered a basic research subfield, an applied research subfield, or a helping profession. You may wish to review the descriptions found in Module 3 of your text if you are not sure where a particular psychologist fits.

The psychologist profiles students used to answer these questions are located here. Each of the 16 career areas described in your text are used only once, so attempt to identify which individual is the best fit for each area (some have done work in more than one subfield, which can make things confusing).

Tomorrow, when we return to class, we'll go over answers and have an opportunity to ask questions.

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