Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Study Resources for your History, Approaches, and Research Methods Test

On Thursday we'll reach an important milestone in our AP Psych journey together: our first unit test! I know you've been working hard to prepare, and to help you with that process, I'm posting some resources here that students typically find useful.

As your textbook suggests, not all study strategies are created equal. Thus, I'd highly recommend using the testing effect to your advantage by focusing on self-quizzing via Quizlet or practice MC items. Additionally, you were provided with a lengthy, printed study guide with practice problems last week. That's also a great place to start.

The video links I've posted below can also be helpful, especially if you're still confused about a particular concept (e.g., the difference between random assignment and random sampling). However, just passively viewing the Crash Course videos and calling it good is unlikely to get you the test results you want come Thursday. The best approaches to studying are active (involving actual practice retrieving information from memory and using it), not passive. That also means they feel "hard," but don't let that deter you! If studying feels "easy," you might not be gaining much from it.

During our (optional) study session on Wednesday (5-7 PM), I'll be directing some activities that involve very active study strategies, so it might be a good idea to drop in and get some tips if you are free. :)

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