Monday, August 25, 2014

Strive for a 5's have Arrived!

Hi all,
I found this box full of learning potential waiting for me in the mailroom today!

If you ordered a Strive for 5 study guide (for your own use) during textbook pick-up, you'll be happy to know that they have arrived! (If you did not order one, feel free to disregard this message). This is perfect timing, since I'm sure you are anxious to begin using it in preparation for your first unit of reading in AP Psych! If you would like to pick up your purchased copy before the first day of classes, I'll be available to distribute them a few times this week:

  • I'll be working in my classroom today (Monday 8/25) until 4:00 PM. I know this is short notice, but if you're headed to school for some reason this afternoon, just swing by. :)
  • On Tuesday (8/26), I'm in meetings pretty much all day, but will stay from 3-5 PM for anyone who would like to stop in.
  • On Wednesday (8/27), I'll be working in my classroom from 8AM-12, though I have meetings after that time. If you're around that morning just stop by. 

Depending on how the week goes, I may be coming in to work on Friday as well, but I'm not sure of the time yet. I'll send out a message if I end up being around that day.

If you can't make it in this week, don't fret. I'll have it for you on the first day of classes. I just know some folks will want to get theirs ASAP, and this is to help them out.

If you would like to bring back your school-owned/issued copy of Strive for 5, I can take it off of your hands when you pick up your personal copy. :) If you haven't yet paid for your copy, payment would be appreciated at the time of pick-up

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