Friday, April 4, 2014

Snow Day #7 - Bio-medical Treatments for Psych Disorder

If you are reading this, it is because our 2-hour delay turned into yet another snow day. In order to keep you on track, I'm posting notes and activities on a very specific approach to treatment: the Biomedical Treatments. These are approaches that attempt to address physiological (i.e., physical, organic, or biological) causes of mental illnesses. They range from drugs, to surgeries, to electrical stimulation.

Much of next week will be devoted to exploring psychotherapies, the "talk therapies," which are very different from these medical approaches.

What You Need to Do:
  1. View the Video Notes on this topic. As you do, be sure to record the four-digit code that I will provide in pieces throughout the presentation. 
  2. You can take notes either on your own OR using this Notes Guide.
  3. On Monday, we will begin with a 5-question quiz on this topic. You can use your notes, and you will need to provide the code at that time.
Technical problems? Prefer not to do this via the web? If you are unable to view the show for whatever reason, you have the option of coming to class at 4 PM on Sunday (April 6), and I will do the notes/lecture live. I will already be at school to set up for our Practice AP Exam (at 5:00 PM), so I'm more than willing to start early to give folks the chance to get this information in person.

Video Notes

Slides - Biomedical Therapies

  rTMS to Treat Depression

Deep Brain Stimulation

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