Thursday, April 24, 2014

Peep Diorama Contest Entries

Wow. I cannot help but be impressed by all of the interesting and delicious-looking Peep dioramas that were submitted for our contest. There are an intriguing variety of concepts illustrated, so voting will be a challenge!

Take a moment to admire each of the entries. We'll vote in class this week to determine the winner.


Bre Nowak illustrates how "averaged" faces are deemed to be most Peeps.
 Bystander Effects

David Arneberg's depiction of the tragedy of  Peep bystander effects.

Emily Gullerud shows how the bystander effect reduces helping behavior in Peeps.
Raeann Schwab's scene also illustrates the tragic consequences of Bystander Effects
Hannah Cowan's Peeps are also experiencing the Bystander Effect.

Sam Petefish's Peeps fail to help a stabbing victim. It's Kitty Genovese all over again!


Brianna Kopnick's Peeps are attempting to conform to Bunny fashion trends.

Carley Ruff's Peeps cut off their tails to fit in.

Haley Kragness illustrated a Peep color shift as a result of conformity!
Door in the Face Phenomenon

Brooke's Peeps effectively use Door in the Face technique to sell marshmallow bunnies.

Josh Flaig's Peep uses Door in the Face technique to convince his friend to exercise.

Kacie Bertrand illustrates how a Peep might begin the Door in the Face technique during a sales pitch.
Foot in the Door Phenomenon

Taylor Adam's Peep has just used the Foot in the Door phenomenon to scam an Aircraft Carrier from his friend.
Brandon Swim's Peep used the Foot-in-the-Door technique to sell a box of Girl Scout Cookies.

Kolton Hebbring's Peeps are struggling with the discomfort of groupthink.

 Ingroup Bias
Emma Strecker's photoshopping skills are on display in this rap-themed illustration of ingroup bias.
Hadyn Hebert's Peeps each think their own group is superior.
Brennan Schrader's Peeps are at competing conventions across the hall from one another. Serious Ingroup Bias.
Milgram's Obedience Study
Zach Pasano recreates the Milgram study, with Peeps!

Clara Lenhart shows the distress experienced by Peeps in Milgram's obedience study!

Minority Influence

Carter Clay's Peep starts a trend at this Disco-themed dance party!

Normative Social Influence

Janay Gunderman's Peep desperately wants approval from the group.

Morgan Bergeron's Peeps are demonstrating some prejudicial beliefs about other Peeps.
Social Facilitation

Mercedes Antolak's Peeps show us how Social Facilitation helps soccer players do their best.
Social Loafing

Jon Carli's Peeps are failing to contribute to their group project because of Social Loafing.

Kyle Zerbian's Peeps are not making their best effort at a Tug-of-War due to Social Loafing.


Nicole Crusing's Peeps unfairly stereotype another type of Easter candy.
Zimbardo's Prison Study
Kayla Hanley's Peeps are "good boys gone bad" when assigned to be guards and prisons in Zimbardo's prison study!

Brian Crocker's Peeps participated in the Stanford Prison study and turned "bad."

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