Sunday, April 20, 2014

Peeps Diorama Challenge

These roller-derby Peeps are experiencing Social Facilitation, given the cheering crowd.
With Easter now over, millions of Americans are faced with the same problem: what do I do with all of these Marshmallow Peeps?

Lucky for you, AP Psychology student, there is an answer. Since 1.) Peeps make an effective medium for composing dioramas (note: don't question this premise) and 2.) we are currently studying Social Psychology, there could NOT be a better time to illustrate the principles you are studying by thoughtfully arranging Peeps in heartwarming (or chilling) scenes.

Imagine the tragic impact of the Bystander Effect on a group of Peeps! Or, a startlingly accurate recreation of Milgram's obedience study, with Peeps! Are Peeps susceptible to Social Loafing? You be the judge!

  1. You must submit (via Tweet or email) your photo of an original Peeps scene that illustrates a principle from the Social Psych Unit.
  2. The principle being illustrated must be identified (either in the photo or text of message).
  3. Entries will be accepted until midnight on Friday, April 25th.
  4. Accurate entries will earn 3 points toward their Social Psych test scores on Tuesday, April 29th. A winning entry will be declared based on votes from classmates. That entry will be awarded 5 points.
  5. You can team up, though points will be divided among teammates, so...decide if that's worth it. Remember what Social Loafing is? Yeah...

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