Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Review Help Tool: Crash Course Psychology

Psychology students should be excited to learn that the friendly folks over at Crash Course have been working on creating videos for psychology topics. This is a great development, since the things that make Crash Course so popular (namely, Hank Green's upbeat and engaging style coupled with fun animations) are now being harnessed to help you learn psychology!

As the AP Psychology Exam approaches, students might find these videos to be a helpful review of topics presented in class. So far, there are 11 videos on major topics in psychology, all of them about 10 minutes long. I've put them together in a playlist below. I've also written up some tips on how to best use them to enhance your study for the AP Psych Exam, should you choose to do that.

How to use these videos to enhance review:
  • Use them to prime retrieval of content topics before studying that topic more in depth. So, for example, you might watch the video on The Chemical Mind before doing some retrieval practice (flashcards, practice questions) on neurons and neurotransmitters.
  • Use them to identify topics for a particular unit that are very "dusty." For example, maybe you had forgotten all about structuralism and functionalism. When Hank mentions these terms, and you realize they don't sound familiar, make a note to practice applying them later.
  • Use them to help spread out your studying. For example, consider picking one topic to review each night, and incorporate that video into your review.
How NOT to use these videos:

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