Friday, November 30, 2012

Tools for Reviewing Learning Theories

We've got a test coming up on Learning theories, so here are some tools for your preparation. Many of the videos and tools below were developed by fellow AP Psych teacher Chuck Schallhorn, for your benefit in reviewing. Thanks, Mr. Schallhorn.

The first type of learning we studied was Classical Conditioning. The video below does a brief review of that process, as well as a providing a brief overview of learning in general.

Still feeling uncertain about the terminology surrounding Classical Conditioning? Here are some more examples for your reviewing needs.

As you may recall, the second type of learning we discussed was Operant Conditioning. The video that follows gives you an overview of this type of learning and the various reinforcement types used with it.

One potentially tricky concept to tackle this unit is Reinforcement Schedules. Below, a video review that can illuminate the differences between the various schedule types.

Feeling confident? If you think you've got this stuff down, challenge yourself with these practice multiple choice questions on learning.

And, of course there are Quizlet flashcards for your use as well.

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