Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fun with Illusions!

At about halfway through the Sensation & Perception unit, we've seen a good number of visual illusions, and more will follow. I like to try to post links to sources of the ones I use in class, as well as new, interesting ones that students bring to my attention.

The one shown below is of the latter type. A student sent me the link, and I think it works by simulating stroboscopic movement (we perceive movement in a series of slightly changing static images). Seems like it would be fun to try using the links to print out your own! (Shown in the comments section if you view in YouTube.)

Also, back again this year are the holophonic illusions that exploit stereophonic hearing and the results of the Visual Illusion of the Year contest held by the Vision Sciences Society. Embedded below is the 2012 contest winner, which shows a device that creates the convincing illusion that one's hand has disappeared! Unfortunately, the video has no accompanying sound, which made me question whether my computer's speakers were working for a moment (that was probably not an intended part of the illusion).

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