Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reviewing Developmental Psych

Halloween is the perfect time of year to review developmental psych! It also happens to be the day before your unit test on developmental psych, so that's convenient. After you watch the trick-or-treaters that arrive at your door, looking for signs of various developmental stages, you may wish to use the tools below to polish your understanding.

  • Theory of Mind - (video) Describes research on the concept of the "Theory of Mind" that develops gradually as children lose their egocentrism
  • Piaget vs. Vygotsky in 90 Seconds - (video, 1.5 min) Video created by a teacher to explain (briefly) the major similarities & differences between these researchers and their theories.
  • Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development - (video, 4 min) Admittedly, not the BEST instructional video ever made (you'll see mistakes in the writing on the board and in other places), but does provide a quick, accurate overview of the 4 Stages in Piaget's model.
  • Practice MC Quiz on Child Development - 66 questions on development in children & infants. Most are topics that we address in Unit 4. Some may seem unfamiliar because we address those topics (intelligence, language development) in other chapters.
  • Practice MC Quiz on Lifespan Development - 66 questions on development topics
And...everybody's favorite...Quizlet!

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