Saturday, November 17, 2012

Phrenology Head Arrives at Chi-Hi

Our new Phrenology Head
Last week Friday we welcomed a new member of the AP Psychology family to Chi-Hi, when our Phrenology Head arrived in the mail! My classroom has long felt the absence of a phrenology head, since it seems no psychology classroom would be complete without one. However, thanks to the folks at Jake's Antiques and Reproductions, we now have a model even Franz Gall would be proud of. (Note: Ours is certainly a reproduction, not an original...the Psych Club budget is not THAT flush.)

We are looking forward to making sure this friendly piece of psychology history is outfitted for each season, and my students wasted no time in arranging for some accessories.

Phrenology Fiona?
The next big step for Phrenology Head will be our December Psych Club meeting on December 7, during Lunch B, where we will vote on an official name for the Phrenology Head. Personally, I'm pulling for Phrank the Phrenology Head, but we'll see what club members come up with.

Also during the December Psych Club meeting, we will be decorating Psychology cookies for the holidays (because...why not?). So this will be a meeting you won't want to miss.

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