Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NOVA: What Are Dreams?

Because I'll have to be gone tomorrow for a meeting, you get the privilege of enjoying a break from my incessant talking and demo repertoire. Instead, you'll be viewing a video that's a little ahead of the content we're now discussing. The NOVA production, "What Are Dreams?" will introduce you to research and theory on dreams, a topic we will be learning more about next unit.

Yes....I'm having you complete a viewing guide, too. But when you finish groaning, cheer up, because this will actually help you on the quiz for Chapter 7, which you'll take when we get back from Christmas break (more groans...I know). It's only because I love you guys so much! :)

Bring your caffeine, since this video shows lots of footage of people sleeping. And, given what you know about mirror neurons from last unit, you should be able to guess what effect that tends to have on people.

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