Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Updated Finals Schedule

Well, good morning, folks! I hope you're safe at home and were able to sneak in a little extra shut-eye.
I'm assuming more details will follow, but here was the message we got from administration about how the ice/snow day will impact the finals schedule:
Here is the new schedule for finals, and the red indicates how AP Psych students will look. 

If I receive new information from administration regarding schedules, I'll update it here as soon as I can, but as of right now this is my best guess on timing.

Wednesday - Resource, Period 1, Period 2, Period 3
  • 1st Hour AP Psych will begin at 9:05 (as previously discussed, this is a bit early to allow for test completion).
  • 2nd Hour will begin at 11:15 (per the normal finals schedule) and will conclude when the test is finished (shortening lunch by, hopefully, only 10 minutes or so).
  • 3rd Hour will begin at 1:45 (per the normal finals schedule) and will conclude when the test is finished (hopefully around 3:30 or so).
Thursday- Resource, Period 4, Period 5 
  • 5th Hour will start at its scheduled time (per the school's schedule, which I *think* will be 11:15). We will conclude when the test is finished, which may be slightly after the 12:45 scheduled dismissal. Probably 1 PM, is my guess.
Monday - Resource, Period 6, Period 7, Early Bird
  • 6th Hour will begin at 9:05 (earlier than the scheduled start at 9:35), and conclude on time.
  • 7th hour will begin at the scheduled start time (per the school schedule: 11:15 AM) and conclude when the test is finished, which will probably be 1 PM (shortening lunch by a small amount). There is NO need for Early Bird students to arrive early, since you'll still have time for lunch prior to EB finals.
2nd Semester will begin on Tuesday.

When more details about start/end times become available, I'll send those along as well. It looks like most of my classes should have no trouble proceeding with our agreed-upon plans for how to structure the needed finals time. 6th and 7th hours will look a little different, but I'll message those classes specifically with details once I know for sure.
Happy bonus studying day!

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