Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Conferences with Your Instructor

Greetings, all! I hope this message finds you wrapping up a relaxing and refreshing Spring Break.

As you may remember, when we parted back on March 18, I had mentioned that tomorrow might be a good day to take care of your required 1:1 conference with me. Parent-Teacher conferences will be held from noon to 8 PM tomorrow (Monday, March 28). If you want to stop in during that time (with or without Mom & Dad) to discuss your progress in the course and your plans for studying for the AP Psych Exam, please feel free to do so! That will save you having to find some other time to sign up for it later (before or after school, during lunch, etc.).

Especially for athletes or working folks, this might be a real headache-saver, so I hope many of you take advantage of the available time!

Note: I will also be in the building from about 9 AM onward, though I will be in and out of my room from time to time (as I prepare for conferences and make photocopies in preparation for our return to classes). If you happen to be in the building during those hours and wish to stop in to conference, that's fine, too. Just be patient as I might still be getting things organized and you might have to wait for me to return from the copy room if I'm not at my desk.

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