Sunday, March 13, 2016

Happy Brain Awareness Week!

Happy Brain Awareness Week!

This week we will be celebrating all things neuroscience in honor of Brain Awareness Week. Thanks to Psych Club for creating all the cool brain fact signs that are posted around the building. Special thanks to members Chloe Kofman and Brittney Webb who volunteered to post the 100+ pink "brains" last week Friday!

If you are currently in AP Psych, you'll be enjoying brain-themed review exercises this week in class.

However, everyone is welcome to join us on Friday (March 18) during Lunch B for a Brain Trivia Competition. You will need your Chromebook to participate, as you'll be answering questions in Quizizz, a review game platform. Everyone will be a winner (as there will be food... of some sort. Maybe cookies...) AND our top-scorer will take home the fabulous grand prize: The Amazing Squishy Brain!

(Look, even if you have no interest whatsoever in winning The Amazing Squishy Brain...though I can't imagine not wanting one of these...if you are currently an AP Psych student this will simply be a great way to brush up on your neuroscience in preparation for the AP Exam. So, what not give it a shot?)

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