Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Studying for Your Learning Theory Test

On Friday, you'll be testing your knowledge of learning theories and concepts by writing a timed FRQ. I'm posting some resources that should help you prepare. (More to come in the days ahead.)

Remember, our study session for this unit will be on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10th from 5-7 PM in the CAFETERIA. Afterwards I will try to post as many of the materials we use as possible (for the benefit of those who cannot attend.)

  1. First, there's our friend Quizlet (below). Remember, you'll want to be ready to generate SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of each of these concepts. So, don't simply try to memorize the definition. Be ready to explain it and give a relevant example.
  2. Review the unit learning objectives. Are you ready to do all these things?
  3. MORE practice multiple choice questions. Again, although you're not really preparing for a multiple choice test, this can help you figure out if there are particular concepts you need to review.
  4. Need some quick video reviews? Try How to Train a Brain (on conditioning approaches) and Bobo Beatdown (observational learning).
  5. STUDY SESSION MATERIALS. The following items were used during our study session:

Learning: Basic Principles

Observational Learning

What the Behaviorists Missed

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