Sunday, November 29, 2015

Welcome Back!

I hope you all enjoyed a very relaxing Thanksgiving break. If nothing else, I hope you were able to catch up on some much-needed rest, as we'll need to keep our energy up as we head through some busy weeks ahead.

I imagine that tonight, many of you will be finishing up your States of Consciousness unit projects. Don't forget that you'll need to have a PRINTED copy of this for use in class tomorrow. You should be able to easily identify the following elements in your paper:

  • Your Claim (or thesis).
  • Evidence (facts, psychological research, data you collected) and
  • Reasoning (that links the evidence to your claim).

You will need to refer back to your text or class notes in order to gather information. To help you with this, I've posted this unit's slide show below.

If you want additional practice for tomorrow's reading quiz, check out the vocab flashcards below OR try out the practice quiz in Socrative! Go to and enter room 109495.

States of Consciousness

Vocabulary Flashcards for States of Consciousness

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