Sunday, December 20, 2015

Additional Make-Up Times

Hi all,

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during my absence on Friday. Was feeling kind of crappy by the end of the day on Thursday, but thought I could head it off by going to bed early that night. Turns out, the cold/flu bug I was dealing with had other plans. After resting this weekend, I'm pretty sure I'll be back tomorrow.

But, my impression is that some of you encountered obstacles when attempting to take your Learning Unit retake on Friday. From the various emails I received, it appears Ms. Ambelang graciously agreed to give retakes in the library, since they did not find a sub to cover my entire day. However, she put a note on the classroom door and maybe not all of you found it? Or, maybe you gave up after learning I was out for the day?

In any case, I want to make sure you've got a chance to try the retake (particularly if tomorrow's scheduled lunchtime administration won't work for you). With that in mind, here are some additional times when you could complete the retake:

  • Monday AM (7:30-8:30 AM)
  • Monday during Lunch (as we had originally planned)
  • Monday after school (as long as we're done by 4:45? Please?)
  • Tuesday AM (7:30 - 8:30 AM)
Hope this helps resolve any worries. Didn't mean to make it difficult for you.

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