Friday, April 24, 2015

Reviewing for Your Social Psych Test

Once you've rested up after Prom, you'll want to return your attention to preparing for your Social Psych test. You've got an opportunity to finish strong on this last one, so don't neglect it!

Some resources you might find useful:
  • The MC Study Guide you picked up after your unit quiz
  • Why not complete the Days in your 40-Day Packet on Social Psych? (the whole thing is due on Friday, after all)
  • Quizlet Flashcards
  • Online Practice Multiple Choice Questions
  • Crash Course Videos (embedded below). Note: Don't assume passively viewing videos constitutes "studying," be sure to actively process that info by testing yourself on it. 

Notes from your Social Psych Unit

Crash Course Episode #37: Social Thinking

Crash Course Episode #38: Social Influence

Crash Course Episode #39: Prejudice and Discrimination

Crash Course Episode #40: Aggression v. Altruism

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