Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow Day Plans for Jan 7, 2015

Hi all! Looks like the cold will be preventing us from being together in person today. While I'll miss seeing you in class, I hope you stay safe and warm, and I've put together a quick activity/assignment to help you stay on track despite our disruption. Please complete this in your jammies while sipping hot cocoa. :)

Here's what you need to do:
  1. Watch the TED Talk below by developmental psychologist Alison Gopnik.
  2. When finished respond to this question prompt (in a Google Doc) and share it with me (5 pts): How is Ms. Gopnik's methodology similar to that of Jean Piaget? In what ways do her findings challenge Piaget's theory? 
  3. Then, catch up on your REM sleep. :) Seriously, that is an assignment. Get some sleep.
Hints: Ms. Gopnik is never going to mention Piaget directly in her talk. You'll need to brush up on stuff from Module 47 (or read it, if you haven't yet) and THINK in order to answer this question. :)

Note: If looking for more to do, you can always use the time to finish your reading for Unit IX (Quiz on Monday) or work on your semester review packet. I will be catching up on some grading, myself. :)

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