Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Resources for Studying for Your Developmental Psych Test

Holy cow! It's nearly time for your LAST unit test of the semester, so let's brush up on all that developmental psych stuff we've been exploring over the past two weeks! Some resources to help you out:
  • Remember, we have a Study Session scheduled from 5-7 PM tomorrow (Thursday) night. I'll help you commit to memory all those tricky stage theories if they've been causing you grief. Can't make it? Here's the agenda and a practice FRQ we'll be looking at.
  • As always, Quizlet Flashcards can help you polish up that vocabulary. 
  • If you didn't get enough practice with multiple choice questions from the study guide, here are some more. And even more here!
  • Looking for a quick overview of some (potentially difficult) course concepts? Perhaps check out the Crash Course videos on developmental psychology. Including: The Growth of Knowledge (Cognitive Development),  Monkeys and Morality (Social and Moral development), and Adolescence.

Quizlet Flashcards

Notes: Cognitive Development in Infancy and Childhood

Social Development in Infancy & Childhood

Moral Development: Kohlberg and Others

Psychosocial Development Across the Lifespan: Erikson and Others

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