Sunday, March 2, 2014

Freud-tastic Friday

This past Friday, AP Psych students delved deeply into Freudian theory. After learning about his 3-part model of the Psyche, his controversial stages of Psychosexual Development, and beginning to explore defense mechanisms, I think students are beginning to understand why modern psychologists have a love-hate relationship with Freud.

Since we had quite a few folks who were absent on Friday for various reasons, I'm posting some of the resources we used in class below. Keep in mind the slides will continue to be updated as we progress through this unit.

NOTE: If you picked up a worksheet on Defense Mechanisms from me because of a planned absence on Friday, be aware that I decided not to hand it out to my classes on Friday. They weren't quite ready for it yet. So, don't hurt yourself trying to finish that thing, as you'll have until Tuesday to finish it.

Slides from 2/26-2/28

Also, I was able to find a playlist of the Freud documentary that I normally show in class (when snow days haven't forced revisions to my lesson plans). I've embedded it below here for your (optional) viewing fun!

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