Friday, March 14, 2014

Sweet Dreams - States of Consciousness Activities for Spring Break

We've spent the last several days learning about States of Consciousness and the stages of sleep. Over break, you've got a few of things to do. Thankfully, most of them involve or are connected to sleeping, which I hope was a part of your plans anyway. :)

You'll want to finish these three things for Monday (March 24):

  1. Finish your Sleep Monitoring Form from the National Sleep Foundation. We will be looking at your results when you return, and you will have a chance to evaluate the quality of your sleep habits and explore ways to make improvements (if you decide they are needed). 
  2. You'll also need to complete these Reading Questions from Chapter 7. You will take your Chapter 7 Quiz upon returning from break, and completing this activity should help you prepare.
  3. Finally, if you were absent on Friday, March 14, you'll want to view the video embedded below: What Are Dreams? In class, we were able to almost complete this video and its accompanying viewing questions. We'll finish the last few minutes (10-15) when we return from break.
Note: If you were absent during the days leading up to Spring Break, you'll probably also want to make  sure you've obtained the notes from those days, which are embedded below for your convenience.

What Are Dreams?

Slides from States of Consciousness Unit (if you were absent)

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