Thursday, September 6, 2012

Psychology's Top 25

Today in class you received materials and instructions for your Top 25 Assignment, which will be due Monday, September 10. To complete it, you will use your best Googling skills and the links provided below to identify the most significant contribution(s) of the listed psychologists, who are among the most important folks we'll learn about all year. Don't feel the need to summarize EVERYTHING they've done (many of them had long and storied careers); we're just looking for a sentence or two about what the psychologist is most known for.

Perhaps more fun will be Step 2: coming up with your own ranking system for them. After finding out what they did, you'll identify the first most important psychologist, second, third, etc., and number them on the worksheet. NOTE: I do not need a repeat of what OTHER scholars think is the appropriate ranking (as this is easy to find with a quick Web search). I want to know what YOU think, and you'll not be judged against any established list.

Be sure to complete YOUR OWN WORK; honesty is important, and copying another's work (descriptions or rank order) will result in a score of zero.

Also, don't forget to scope out their pictures as you read about these guys. Not only will most of them show up again later this year, but their fashion choices and poses are priceless.

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