Thursday, September 13, 2012

Basic Psychological Statistics

Okay, I think this should work! In order to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable with their basic statistical methods, I'm having you complete some questions as you view the presentation below (you should have received these in class). As a bonus, since I was trying to finish up the recording during the lunch hour, at the very end you can hear the main office making announcements...that's how close I was cutting it.

Additionally, if you feel you want more practice matching correlational coefficients with scatterplots, here's the link to the website we used in class today.

Good luck! Be sure to make a note of any questions you have so I can address them tomorrow if needed. :)

Having troubles playing the video? If the player above doesn't work, try here.


  1. Gah. Watching this run through makes me realize how much I was rushing to get this posted...and how rushing leads to errors. For example, I found a spot near the beginning where I mispoke (inferential stats are used to interpret descriptive measures like average differences and correlations...not averages & range). Blah. Gonna have to redo this recording later, but it at least should get you through your assignment. Sorry.

  2. The video won't load on my computer. It is saying "Reference Error. Error #10654"
    -Alissa A.

  3. I hope no one else is having this problem, since it seems to be working fine for me at home. However, here's an option to try (& please let me know if it works). Try viewing the video here:

  4. Sorry, you'll have to copy & paste that link into your browser. Can't publish hyperlinks in the comments section, I guess.