Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Psych Club Shirt Design Finalized!

I am proud to announce that, after an initial vote last week Friday, Psych Club has received approval for and finalized its annual t-shirt design. I have long been a believer that the most important feature of any successful organization is the witty-ness of its t-shirts, and this year's model does NOT disappoint.

The 2012-13 shirt features a handsome John Watson posed in conjunction with the phrase, "I don't always scare babies. But when I do, it's for psychology." The back side showcases the necessary accompanying tagline, "Stay thinking, my friends." A fitting tribute to the father of behaviorism, an unrepentant baby-scarer. Poor Little Albert.

Chi-Hi Psych Club members have the opportunity to purchase this classy swag for the BARGAIN BASEMENT price of $12. Get your money to Mrs. Welle by Sept. 21st for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to celebrate your psychology smarts and your love of John Watson at the same time.

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