Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 25 Assignment Links

On Friday during class you will be getting directions for your "Top 25 Assignment." You will be provided with a written copy of directions and pictures. You can choose to fill in the paper copy you are given, or you can utlize the Excel Spreadsheet for Top 25 Assignment, which allows for easier sorting of the information when you are done. Just be sure to print your final copy to bring to class on Thursday, Sept. 9.

Note: Be sure to do a "save as" to save the Excel spreadsheet to your own computer.

Use the links provided below (and/or your best Googling skills) to determine the most noteworthy contributions of the “Top 25 Psychologists." A sentence or two per psychologist is plenty. Then, assign each a rank according to YOUR VIEW of which was most important, second most, third most…and so on.

NOTE: I do not need a repeat of what OTHER scholars think is the appropriate ranking. I want to know what YOU think.

Be sure to complete YOUR OWN WORK; plagiarism will result in a score of zero.

Steer clear of Wikipedia, please (and similar publicly-edited pages). While it is good for some things, it's also not trusted by most in higher-level academics, so get used to it being off-limits.

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