Sunday, August 22, 2010

Textbook Pick-up This Week - Get a Jump on AP Psychology Reading

An exciting year is ahead of us in AP Psychology! I am looking forward to meeting each one of my new students and beginning this exciting (if challenging) journey together.

In order to let you get a jump start on the reading for our first unit, I will be letting students pick up textbooks this week. I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, as there is a substantial amount of reading for this first unit (and the ones that follow, but I find students need some time to "ease in" to the reading load). Plus, I get to say hello to you before the school year starts!

Hours for Early Textbook Pick-Up

Monday 8/23 - 9AM - 3PM
Tuesday 8/24 - 9AM - 3 PM
Wednesday 8/25 - 1PM-4PM
Thursday 8/26 - 8AM-12PM
Friday 8/27 - 8AM-11 AM & 2PM-4PM

I should be in my room during most of the hours listed above. Keep in mind, official staff inservice/workdays begin on Wednesday, so there are fewer open hours thereafter. Also, there will likely be impromptu meetings and obligations that pop up during those days as well, so if I'm not in my room, I'm likely in the building somewhere (maybe the copy room?).

Once you pick up your textbook, you may want to begin reading the Prologue and Chapter 1 and taking notes in whatever format is comfortable and familiar to you. This is in preparation for a quiz on the reading that will take place the second week of classes (exact date TBD), on which you can use your notes.

One more thing you'll want to take care of before school starts is getting a 3-ring binder for this class (color doesn't matter, so make it as pretty as you like). Since this is a year-long class with a major cumulative test in May (the AP Exam!) you will need to keep all of your notes and handouts organized for the entire year. You will need them for studying in the spring. Ask any former AP Psych student, they will tell you how important this is!

Because it is so important, having that 3-ring binder will count for an assignment grade on Friday, September 3rd. So don't delay! Take advantage of the cheap prices on 3-ring binders because of all the back-to-school sales going on.

Okay, I hope this hasn't scared any of you away already. Don't be too nervous, we'll take this one step at a time. And AP Psych will be a fun and AMAZING experience for you. But it will take some hard work, so do yourself a favor and hit the ground running by getting a little ahead while you have the chance. Hope to see you soon!

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