Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Not Playing Computer Games! This is "Studying"

Sick of making flashcards with AP Psych terms? Ready to burn that 40 Day Countdown Packet? Here's a cool way to take a "break" from intense practice while still "studying" for your AP Psych Exam. Check out these cool psychology-related games at the Nobel Prize Educational Site.

The site has games related to the work of numerous Nobel Prize winners. While it is worthwhile to investigate some of the non-psychologist winners, here are a few that seem especially relevant for intro-psych students:
  1. Classical Conditioning - Pavlov's Dogs Can you make the dog drool on command?
  2. Split-Brain Experiments - Replicate an experiment on Mr. Split Brainy. Based, of course, on the work of Roger Sperry and Michael Gazzaniga. (Sperry split the Nobel Peace Prize with David Hubel and Torsten Weisel in 1981)
  3. The Ear Pages - Great tool for reviewing how the ear works! If you are struggling to remember the terms/parts of the ear from chapter 5, this simulation and quiz is for you!

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